Maximize 3G battery life on Intermec CN3, Motorola MC75 and Windows Mobile

One of the big challenges with 3G devices is the 3G network can be a significant drain on batteries. With rugged devices like the Intermec CN3 and Motorola MC75, you can purchase extended batteries that essentially double the battery capacity. The goal with those batteries is to help achieve a full shift of work without having to recharge the device.

In our experience, operating for a full shift (at least 8 hrs and up to 10-12 hrs) while using 3G is pretty hard to do without intermittent recharges. We strongly recommend a vehicle charger.

The following steps provide the best settings to maximize 3G battery life. This applies to all Windows Mobile devices, including version 5, 6, 6.1 and higher.



To change the auto shut-off setting, click on Start -> Settings and then click on Power.

system settings 1

Click on the Advanced tab to view/change the auto shut-off settings. We recommend that you check ‘Turn off device if not used for’ (under Battery Power) and set the interval to either 3 or 5 minutes.

AutoShutOff 2

Backlight Setting

The backlight setting has a major effect on device battery life. To change the backlight setting, click on Start -> Settings and then click on Backlight.

system setting BackLightSetting

On the Backlight screen you can change settings for both battery power and external power and also modify the keypad backlight setting.

We recommend that you check the following options and set the brightness level to the lowest possible setting (that is still readable under working conditions) to conserve battery power.


We hope this helps. If you have other ideas on maximizing battery life, please leave a comment.


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