Delayed Job Support for Better Background Processing

Customers have continued to push the MobileHub (SiteSupervisor) to automate business processes, especially after mobile form data is posted. We’ve enhanced the goRoam.MobileHub to provide delayed jobs (background processing).  This is best suited for actions where the user does not need an immediate response so you can keep their workflow streamlined.

Examples of where delayed jobs help are:

  • Sending emails of PDF images of completed surveys
  • Conditionally sending order emails based on data filled in from mobile forms
  • Processing uploaded images
  • Longer running calculations such as geocoding customers based on GPS breadcrumbs

Delayed jobs are installed with the ‘scheduled job’ administration tools.  Delayed jobs are setup in a separate library on a per company basis. This allows our SaaS (Software as a Service) customers to each have their own delayed job processor, or if you are an on-site customer you can run background tasks with one library for all company codes.

Please contact your account representative to learn more.

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