handheld data collection on Intermec CN3 goRoam.Inspections is a mobile survey and inspections module for handheld data collection. goRoam enables business users to quickly turn paper forms into electronic forms for PDA data collection. Electronic inspections can be stored as templates to be created on the fly by field users, or they can be created centrally and dispatched to specific users or roles.

Inspections are a requirement in many operations. Common inspections range from vehicle inspections (e.g. forklifts, trucks) to safety, security, fire and quality inspections.  goRoam.Inspections provides an easy to use tool for business users to automate their current paper forms and allow their completion on mobile devices.

Once companies automate their inspections, they have data in an electronic format where they can quickly access history, analyze trends and take action on inspection values. For instance, with vehicle inspections if a brake test fails you can automatically generate a work order AND send an email to maintenance.  The ability to automate, track and manage becomes critical as the number of inspections increases and as inspections occur in the field.

goRoam.Inspections :

Easy authoring – business user friendly tool to author forms
Dispatching – dispatch to users or to roles
Templates – templates enables easy creation of new inspections
Validation – set per field and form level validation
Multiple question types – checkboxes, textboxes, drawings, etc.
Inspection versions – all forms are versioned automatically
Auto report – all forms can easily be queried and reported on
Web service interface – add inspections through our web service
Export to Excel – export results to Excel
Samples – vehicle, safety and customer satisfaction samples included

Handheld data collection benefits include:

  • Eliminating redundant data entry – no more dedicated data entry clerks
  • Faster access to data – no more waiting on paperwork or re-keying
  • Reducing data entry errors – data is entered once
  • Faster data collection – data can be pre-populated, barcode scanned and sent in wirelessly
  • Eliminate illegible handwriting
  • Go paperless – no more lost or late paperwork, plus it’s a green solution!
  • Better data collection – collect information automatically such as timestamps and GPS
  • Integrated data – all data is bundled in one electronic form (form fields, GPS, pictures, signatures, drawings, etc.)
  • Forms are always current – changes to forms are sent automatically to all users

PDA data collection is supported on all Windows Mobile devices.  Samples are shown below.

pda data collection - vehicle inspection mobile data collection - menu

To see inspections in action, see the following posts:

Inspection and Survey mobile forms are easy to author. A business user can create and dispatch forms without requiring any programmer assistance.  Forms are setup with one or more pages (tabs), and each page has questions.  Question types include:

  • Textbox
  • Checkbox
  • Combobox
  • Lookup (barcode lookup for assets, products, etc.)
  • Date
  • Time
  • Numeric
  • Radiobutton
  • Camera
  • GPS
  • Signature capture
  • Label (for disclaimers, instructions, etc.)