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Wireless dispatch

Send and receive orders and status in real-time

Electronic signature capture

Customers sign to confirm Proof of Delivery (POD)

Bulk and Package delivery

Workflow specific to packages or bulk products

Rugged devices

Built to be used in trucks and in the field.

Barcode scanning

Scan to validate assets and packages

LCR-II meter integration

Control metered delivery for fuels and lubricants

Electronic invoicing

Integrate with TMW, SAP, Oracle, Profit 21, ADDS and more for electronic invoicing.

Easy to maintain

Can be supported by your in-house technicians.


GPS geofencing to validate delivery location and record where deliveries are made

Hosted or on-site installation

Hosted for quick starts and always up to date software. On-site for larger or public companies.

24x7 support

Toll free number, including after hours support for night deliveries.